Last 25 Pdr Shoot

2 Regiment provided the setting for the last 25pdr shoot. Having fired the weapons in the morning as part of their live firing exercise, they vacated the gun position to allow new crews man the guns. Gun position was forward of Keoghs house. A 6 gun battery was formed with a crew from each of the 3 Permanent and 3 Reserve regiments. 62 RAR gun crew was commanded by BS Paddy O’Shea. The target for an 8 round expend ammo final fire for effect was the Octagonal field on a bearing of approx 1600, elevation of approx. 260 with a 200m sheaf pattern. Last round was ceremoniously fired by a gun crew comprising D Arty, OC Arty School, and RSM Arty School. Food for the troops on the ground was as per tradition – Chicken Curry!

Thanks to John and Ger Gibson for the photos.

Also check out for an interesting ‘Last 25 Pounder Round’ story from the Kiwi Gunners.

Other links of interest:–explode-in-murderous-rage-1849916.html


4 Responses

  1. What’s to happen to the 25 pounders? Are they for sale? How many will remain in Ireland? Are they already gone? Are all plans open and transparent?

    • I worked for Helston gunsmiths in Helston cornwall a few years ago and they had several 25pounders that we had bought from the irish army,they were for sale either deactivated or live on a licence, I can’t remember how much Chris wanted for them. hope this helps

  2. 12 guns being retained for ceremonial duties,

  3. **copied from another post**

    Vivion Archibold says:
    I was going through the photos of the last 25 Pdr
    shoot and saw your photo you will never be a captain sir,well Bill Ardiff,Sheamus Ardiff,Tom Nolan were three of the best I ever knew anyone please fill in the names of the other warriers in the photo.

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