6 Regiment Plaque unveiled in Curragh Military Museum

Update from Comdt. Oliver Murphy (Rtd). The Military Musuem in DFTC has unveiled a plaque to 6th Regiment. From its inception in 1959 up until the unit was stood down in 2005 (as part of the amalgamation with 7 Regiment to form the new 62 Reserve Artillery Regiment) – approx. 9000 personnel served with the unit. The Plaque commemorates the unit and all the gunners who served.

Check out page 14 of this weeks Leinster Leader for details.

6 FAR Plaque - Curragh Military Museum

6 FAR Plaque - Curragh Military Museum. Sgt Charlie Walsh, Comdt. Oliver Murphy (Rtd), Comdt. Mick Moore.

FIBUA Exercise

Photo Album of our recent ‘Fighting In Built Up Areas’ exercise available at http://62regiment.net/Dunree%2009.html

MCVI Show Curragh 2009

Jim Smith from the Military Vehicle Club of Ireland has invited us again this year to take part in their annual show at the Curragh Racecourse. Last years show resulted in 35 recruitment leads (15 passed to other Brigade units) and an interview on Kildare FM so its a no brainer to attend this year once we get clearance. As always its free entry to OAP’s and ex and serving members of DF. If last years format is followed, along with the Club’s many and varied vehicles, expect Aer Corps, Mowag, EOD etc. as well. Dates are 9th and 10th May. Photographs of last years show available here:  http://www.62regiment.net/photo_player_flash.html

FIBUA Ex 2009

Some photos and film from FIBUA ex 2009 in Donegal. When we have collected all media, we’ll put a proper photo album link from the main site…but for the moment this will do.

Joke No. 27a – ‘That face rings a bell’

We have lots of photographs stretching back to 1960…unfortunately we don’t have names. Can any of you ex-ers help? Here’s a few to start. I can email you copies if the below aren’t very clear.

Who is the guy in the group huddle at the back, who wants to be in the photo?

Who is the guy in the group huddle at the back - behind the main players above, who wants to be in the photo?...any ideas of where this was taken?

Who's that in the green jumper in the laft background?

Particularly interested in the Gunner with the .303..Who's that in the green jumper in the left background?...(Its hardly Killer?...would it be too early for him?). Most likely the Glen, but which gun position...Leitrim?