Minister O’Dea Announces Re-commencement of limited recruitment to the Army Reserve

Posted on 20/05/09 by Willie O’Dea Minister O’Dea Announces Re-commencement of limited recruitment to the Army Reserve (Cúltaca an Airm) and Naval Service Reserve (Cúltaca an tSeirbhís Chabhlaigh).

The Minister for Defence, Mr Willie O’Dea, T.D. has announced that the Reserve Defence Forces (Na hÓglaigh Cúltaca) may resume a limited and monitored recruitment to replace existing members of the Army Reserve or Naval Service Reserve who resign or leave during the course of 2009. Recruitment to the Reserve had been suspended in the context of the reduced funding available and the moratorium on public service numbers”.

Minister Willie O’Dea said: “Since the announcement of a suspension of Reserve Defence Force (RDF) recruitment, I have, along with my officials, been working to ensure that we consolidate the gains made over recent years in developing the RDF. It is important that we continue to provide appropriate opportunities for paid training to all members of the Reserve, to the greatest extent possible within current budgetary provisions.

“Following a review and examination of RDF numbers and budgets for 2009, I am satisfied that there is sufficient provision to allow for paid training for existing members of the Reserve this year. Accordingly, I am today announcing that recruitment to fill vacancies due to existing Reserve members resigning, or being discharged in the normal manner, may proceed with immediate effect.”

“This announcement should come as welcome news to many of those who have already applied to join the RDF and were awaiting attestation. Many of them will be inducted gradually into the RDF as vacancies arise in the various Brigades over the coming weeks and months.”

“I want to pay tribute to all the members of the Reserve who give freely of their time to serve their country. Their commitment and dedication is appreciated.”

“The numbers recruited will depend on the numbers leaving. This limited recruitment will be monitored and kept under review in the light of the uptake of paid training within the RDF and the future budgetary provision.”

Suspension of recruitment

Due to the overall moratorium on recruitment and promotion in the civil service, recruitment into the Army Reserve has been suspended. Like other units around the country we have our fair share of people caught in the recruitment process that now will not be able to join in the forseeable future. All of these people attended induction training and many had completed medicals or were at an advanced stage of the recruitment process. We can only thank them for their interest, and hope that we can resume with their applications in the near future.

Name that Gunner…


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We have lots of photographs stretching back to 1960…unfortunately we don’t have names. Can any of you ex-ers help? Here’s a few to start. I can email you copies if the below aren’t very clear.

Who is the guy in the group huddle at the back, who wants to be in the photo?

Who is the guy in the group huddle at the back - behind the main players above, who wants to be in the photo?...any ideas of where this was taken?

Who's that in the green jumper in the laft background?

Particularly interested in the Gunner with the .303..Who's that in the green jumper in the left background?...(Its hardly Killer?...would it be too early for him?). Most likely the Glen, but which gun position...Leitrim?