Old Photos

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  1. Didn’t realise John D and Dick were so close .
    Please, no more photos of Guing’rs belly, this is a family rated site.
    Lads, don’t Eugene O Halloran, Mick Flynn, John O Rourke, Mick Higgins, Scoby Phelan & Pad Graham look so young in the football photo?

  2. Which photo? Which one is Pat?

  3. The photo of the football team , its’s the extreme right photo – second last row of photos.
    Pat is first from left, back row of players.
    I think that could be Ger Gib on the far right?

  4. Yep, thats Ger -lovely flares! Notice the yellow command flash -this dates the photo? Cold you put a year on it? If you could spend a bit of time naming the characters in the other photos, you could email me a list? Have you any interesting photos? In the photo just above this ne – is that JJ? The one of the line out against the white wall with you in it – why / where was that taken? what gives with the civvies?

  5. Reckon about ’76. It is JJ in the other one all right. The white wall photo was taken in the gym in Naas barracks, now since destroyed by Kildare CoCo in the name of progress. Dont remember the occasion or why i in civvies.
    I’ll name the faces on some of the others when I get a chance (except for the B&Ws – I’m not that old!). We’ll need some help from the “Jurassics” for them. Have loads of photos buried somewhere at home – must dig them out.

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