Some 6 Bty – 6 FAR Photos…

From John ‘Peebles’ Everan and Diarmuid Scully.

Devoy Bks ,(YO’s table?) 6 bty Christmas Dinner, probably late 70s. L to R,Gibbo, Burko, the Col-o-nel (now), Seamie, John D, Seanie Moore (RIP), Guinger, Action, (probably – rear head shot)

6bty. Christmas Dinner late 70s

6 FAR 3 comrades passed onDom, Podge & Monty all RIP alas, in happier times… Fentons , prob late 80s. Babby is on the right but still hale & hearty

Below – 6 Bty Officers and NCO’s on ATEx in the 90’s. Looks like its outside Coolmoney House. Future Adj on the extreme right could have washed his face for the photo!

Camp 1990 26pg

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