6 Regiment Plaque unveiled in Curragh Military Museum

Update from Comdt. Oliver Murphy (Rtd). The Military Musuem in DFTC has unveiled a plaque to 6th Regiment. From its inception in 1959 up until the unit was stood down in 2005 (as part of the amalgamation with 7 Regiment to form the new 62 Reserve Artillery Regiment) – approx. 9000 personnel served with the unit. The Plaque commemorates the unit and all the gunners who served.

Check out page 14 of this weeks Leinster Leader for details.

6 FAR Plaque - Curragh Military Museum

6 FAR Plaque - Curragh Military Museum. Sgt Charlie Walsh, Comdt. Oliver Murphy (Rtd), Comdt. Mick Moore.

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  1. I have recently published ‘Growing up on the Curragh’ (twenties, thirties,forties.You wil, no doubt, realise that I am in my eighties. My maiden name was PattyO’Sullivan born and reared on the Curragh the third of ten children. my father worked in the Fire Station His army No. was ’94’. I have been asked to ‘Launch’ my book. I feel the Military Museum should have first preference. Perhaps you could let me if this would be possible. Four of my brothers served in the army mostly during the ‘Emergency’ The publishers are
    Original Writing.ie and the book is available online.

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