Some 6 Bty – 6 FAR Photos…

From John ‘Peebles’ Everan and Diarmuid Scully.

Devoy Bks ,(YO’s table?) 6 bty Christmas Dinner, probably late 70s. L to R,Gibbo, Burko, the Col-o-nel (now), Seamie, John D, Seanie Moore (RIP), Guinger, Action, (probably – rear head shot)

6bty. Christmas Dinner late 70s

6 FAR 3 comrades passed onDom, Podge & Monty all RIP alas, in happier times… Fentons , prob late 80s. Babby is on the right but still hale & hearty

Below – 6 Bty Officers and NCO’s on ATEx in the 90’s. Looks like its outside Coolmoney House. Future Adj on the extreme right could have washed his face for the photo!

Camp 1990 26pg

New book on the history of Irish Artillery

A new book has just been published on the history of Irish Artillery.

Its available at, and will also be in bookshops at some stage.

‘The story of the artillery used by the armed forces of the Republic of Ireland (Eire), from independence to the present day.’

Irish Artillery Corps since 1922

Irish Artillery Corps since 1922

Brigade Shooting Competitions

62 RAR Falling plates team!

62 RAR Falling Plates Team 2012

RTE Podcast from Pat Kenny show – Our compatriots from the west!

Pat Kenny Show – podcast from the Glen. Visit the rte ie player.

Update to last 25pdr shoot – some new pics have emerged.

Some additional pictures of the 62 Regiment’s crew during the last 25 Pdr shoot…

Final shoot of 25 Pounder – Glen Imaal – 62 Regiment

Some pics from Normandy with Canadian Gunners


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Look for the photo of the lads with Lt. Gareth Webb, who was the GPO with the 25 Pdr. Battery in Normandy that deployed our Gun!

Artillery Quotes from History

  • “Ultima ratio regum” English: “The final argument of kings” – Louis XIV’s inscription on French artillery
  • “Do not forget your dogs of war, your big guns, which are the most-to-be respected arguments of the rights of kings.” – Frederick II of Prussia
  • “The artillery lends honor to that which would otherwise be a vulgar brawl.” – Frederick II of Prussia
  • “God is on the side with the best artillery.” – Napoléon Bonaparte
  • “The first shot is for the Devil, the second for God, and only the third for the King.” – Napoléon Bonaparte
  • “The best generals are those who have served in the artillery.” – Napoléon Bonaparte
  • “I do not have to tell you who won the war. You know, the artillery did.” – General George S. Patton, Jr.
  • “Brother, your best friend ain’t your Momma, it’s the Field Artillery.” – A sign at Fort Benning, US Infantry School
  • “The Guns, thank God, the Guns.” – Rudyard Kipling
  • “Renown awaits the commander who first restores artillery to its prime importance on the battlefield.” – Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
  • “Artillery is the god of war.” Joseph Stalin

Unit History

If anyone has any stories or anecdotes  from 6th or 7th Regiments, we’d like to collect them before the get lost! A sort of oral history. These are all stories we’ve heard many times from someone ‘who was there’…but never got them on record. If you can take the time to write them out and email to…please do. We’ll collect them and you never know…we might even publish them (with names changed to protect the guilty!).