ATEx 2012 – Short Report

62 Reserve Artiller Regiment mobilised Saturday to Glen Imaal. 2 * 4 Tube RUAG 120mm batteries deployed – co-located at Keogh’s forward. FDC deployed on Cemetry Hill. 2 * Fire Suooprt Teams deployed near Ogham Stone Junction. Series of IN shoots, recorded targets and fire plan including a 4 round fire for effect on last target. The Batteries were then handed over to the Artillery School to fire in support of PDF Standards course. Unfortunately no recruit training occurred as with previous years. Special thanks to the other Brigade units who supported the exercise with security, ransport and medical resources. Photo’s to follow!!


62 RAR ran Exercise ‘Open Eyes’ in the Glen of Imaal on 31 Mar/1 Apr 2012. This was an Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) led scenario culminating in an attack on an enemy position where the situation has been developed and planned using ISTAR Assets and Staff processes. This was a learning Exercise and was designed to introduce the Unit to the ISTAR Concept and to practice its implementation. Elements from Brigade CIS, Logs and Medics provided support throughout and some of these elements also acted as a very convincing enemy party.

For the Exercise we deployed an Artillery Anchor OP and 2 by Artillery FOO parties whose task was to locate and observe the Enemy at all stages of the exercise. We also deployed 2 by Recce Patrols and practiced 1 Bty’s Gunners in patrolling and reporting techniques. During the Exercise the enemy changed location and Exercise HQ retasked an OP to get eyes on them in their new location and the Recce Patrols then secured a Forming Up Point (FUP) for the 2/3 Bty 3* Course who carried out a Platoon in Attack on the new enemy position. HQ Bty provided Exercise HQ who carried out full command  and control at all stages of the Exercise with all of the assets feeding information to the Ex HQ via tactical reports.

Pictures to follow…

ATEx 2011 – Short Report

All sub units mobilised on Friday evening and took over Coolmoney camp on Friday night. No. 1  Battery, 4 RUAG 120mm Mortars, 1 * deliberate deployment in Stranaheley field followed by 2 quick actions inside the gate at Knickeen fjord and at Leitrim forward. 2 & 3 Battery formed 6 tube battery, deliberate deployment at Leitrim forward, hide position at Ogham Stone, followed by 2 quick actions – one in Stranaheely field and one at Leitrim Forward. FOO and Anchor OP located in Stranaheely forest. The Regiment reported to Cemetry Hill following live firing EX for ceremony and presentation to retiring members. (more details on this later). Recruit training continued through their tactical phase.

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Update to May Training Weekend

Photos of 2 and 3 Star course tactical exercise.

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May Arty Training

Pics form May Training Weekend. HQ and 1 Bty from Dublin, and 2 & 3 Bty from DFTC concentrated in Coolmoney for Arty Training, 2 and 3 star courses.

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Brigade Assessments 2010

Each of the Reserve Artillery Regiments contributed a FOO team to the Bde Assesments this year. 62 RAR provided an FDC. 31 RAR provided a BC up to 22oo Hrs on saturday when the position was then filled from 62 RAR. While not part of the actual Assesment itself, (the FOO’s were there to allow an assesment of the use of Arty) – it gave the three Regiments an opportunity to work together and exercise in basic FDC processes.

Each of the FOO teams joined their company commanders immediately before moving out of the harbour area to start the EX. All calls for fire were fed through the FDC which was co-located with the Batallion main HQ. On Day 1 the notional resources were 1 * Bty 105mm and 1 * Bty 120mm Heavy Mortars. Calls for fire came in as point platoons were hit up and the Company Commanders requested arty support. A Bty Command Post Ex was also set up and latest version of the Fire Control System put through its paces.

The second day, 2 * Bty of 105 mm were included. Haboured in the AO that night, FOO’s planned defensive fires for their company positions and were mobile next morning at first light as the Companies cleared their respective areas of the remaining pockets of resistance. A fire plan was developed in support, with modification by call sign 11 who was with A company. Bn Tac went mobile with the BC in tow as the ‘battle’ developed.

ATEx 2010 – Short Report



Adjust Fire Video

Our Annual Training Exercise provided the setting for an integrated 2 Eastern Brigade combined arms live firing exercise. 62 RAR Advance party took over Coolmoney on Saturday and prepared the way for arrival of the rest of the Regiment at lunchtime. Then it was straight into training and preparation for arrival of the 2 Eastern Brigade PDF units. Tuesday saw the start of a 36 hour ex which included night firing illum in support of the Infantry support weapons shoot (60’s, 81’s, .5’s and Mags). This was completed from the 2 FAR 120 Mortar Battery position due to the disposition of the other units in the ex – so all crews from the other 120mm mortar batteries rotated through this position (East of Stranaheely field). Wednesday saw first round at 0700 hrs to start target recording in prep for h-hour later that afternoon. 3 * 120mm Mortar Batteries and 1 * 105mm Gun Battery were provided by the Arty (62 and 2 Regiments), including a fully operational FSCC. Integrated into the fire plan were 81’s, 60’s, .5’s, Mags and Anti Armour.

HQ and 1 Bty provided composite 120mm Mortar battery located in Keoghs forward. 2 & 3 Bty provided composite 120mm Mortar battery located in Coan. FOO teams (2 from 62 RAR and1 from 2 FAR)  located in Stranaheeley.

Pics from Annual Training Exercise 120mm Night Shoot

Integration…Artillery style

OC 2 FAR issued an OPORD ‘tasking’ 62 RAR to supply pers to his regiment for the Corps Artillery Shoot last week. Going under operational control on Monday, all pers were mixed into the various artillery groupings and went mobile to Glen Imaal. With just 2 days training to iron out any issues, the Combined Regiment conducted artillery live firing practices to include Registration, target Recording, multi Battery Fire plans, and Multi Battery Co-Ord Illum co-ordinated by the FDC. Additionally a battery and FOO from 4 FAR came under the control of the 2 FAR FDC for the duration of the shoot. The importance of the exercise is that with just 2 and a half days integrated training, the unit conducted a well planned and accurate artillery shoot. Lessons were learned for sure and training deficiencies identified, but the most important result was how easily both regiments integrated when they had a common goal.

One additional feature was the inclusion of a member of 62 Reserve Cav in an Artillery FOO role. Amongst other achievements he gave a line correction on the Registration shoot to achieve a target round, thus guaranteeing accurate fire there after! 62 RAR held some of the key appointments (Both FOO’s, the GPO, CPO and BK on the gun line, range officer, 3 AGDC’s and both section officers, and we also had a member in the FDC).

ATEx 2009 – Short Report

All Bty’s were on 36 hr ex. One of the batteries came in off the ground at 2400 hrs due to ‘inclement’ weather, and are now known as the ‘wet battery’. Not saying which battery it was, but they were using mortar boards to plug holes in their tents.  Other highlights were visits by COS and GOC, and return visit by GOC to view the shoot. All OP’s deployed across the front of Cemetry Hill with FDC to the rear. Last 25 Pdr round was fired by 2 Bty. This, technically is the last 25 Pdr round fired by a Reserve Regiment. Fentons was visited.

The business end: 

  • HQ bty conducted regimental survey, deployed a fully operational FDC, and co-ordinated a multi battery Fire Plan (no 2 and no 3 Bty’s).
  • 1 Bty – formal 25 Pdr deployment followed by quick actions in the area of the Island.
  • 2 Bty – Formal 25 Pdr deployment in Stranaheely field, 2 IN shoots, 1 Laser Point mission, 1 * 3 target quick fire plan with an impromptu, 1 IN in support of Cav Fire Power demo (new 30mm MOWAG cannon), participation in FDC controlled 2 Tgt Fire Plan, Impromptu target engaged by Bty FOO.
  • 3 Bty, 120mm RUAG Mortar formal deployment behind Camara, with series of IN shoots, point det and airburst, participation in FDC controlled fire plan.