Unit History

If anyone has any stories or anecdotes  from 6th or 7th Regiments, we’d like to collect them before the get lost! A sort of oral history. These are all stories we’ve heard many times from someone ‘who was there’…but never got them on record. If you can take the time to write them out and email to info:62regiment.ie…please do. We’ll collect them and you never know…we might even publish them (with names changed to protect the guilty!).

4 Responses

  1. Well to start off, 6thFAR were the first RDF unit to fire the 105, around 1982

  2. Photo’s of the first 105 shoot at: Joke No. 27a – ‘That face rings a bell’…first post below

  3. Sorry to read of Ger Colls passing.I remember when he got his pips….I have some photos of the regt. from the 70’s …
    Of course the 5th. Battery was the premier battery.

  4. Re first RDF Shoot 1982;
    The 6bty guns were commanded by Sgt. Gerry (Web Belt) Graham , Cpl. Paul (Beaker) riordan and me.

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