Joke No. 27a – ‘That face rings a bell’

We have lots of photographs stretching back to 1960…unfortunately we don’t have names. Can any of you ex-ers help? Here’s a few to start. I can email you copies if the below aren’t very clear.

Who is the guy in the group huddle at the back, who wants to be in the photo?

Who is the guy in the group huddle at the back - behind the main players above, who wants to be in the photo?...any ideas of where this was taken?

Who's that in the green jumper in the laft background?

Particularly interested in the Gunner with the .303..Who's that in the green jumper in the left background?...(Its hardly Killer?...would it be too early for him?). Most likely the Glen, but which gun position...Leitrim?

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  1. Ref: “That photo rings a bell”
    Bottom photo:
    This is 6th bty. gun crew circa 1976. (note black berets and eastern command flash) . Gun is a 3.7 howitzer. The no1 is Sgt. Pat Sherry. Others l/r are I think:
    Eugene OHalloran, Mick Broe, Pat Hartigan (with .303), David Moore (Seamie’s son). The driver in the green jumper is possibly Joe Territ and the Sgt. walking by him has the gimp of crunch Lawlor. no DPM’s that time. no1 was the dress for shoots unless you bought 2nd hand “cumbats”. The location is probably in camp behind the dining hall.

  2. Some possible names from original Naas FCA of late 1950s 0r early 1960s (Nth Kildare Batt).

  3. Thanks John and Seamie. Is th black and white photo from North Kildare Bn? Who would know their names?

  4. Comdt. Ger Gibson has confirmed he was the No1 and took the photo behind the cookhouse.

  5. John,
    I was no 3 (Layer!). Pat Sherry was no. 1. I reckon the pic was taken in 1975 or 1976

  6. have you any pictures of the summer camp 5th battery 6th far 1988

  7. Hi, we have pictures of 5 bty for 1987 and 1989…but none for 1988. Have you any you can scan and send in?

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